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Mr. Mroczka attributes his success to two factors, the first of which is narrowing the scope of his practice to concentrate on one area of the law.  Second and foremost is his ability to understand clearly, the hurdles that most families face when developing their estate plan.  He recognizes that many families struggle with the cost of establishing their estate plans, the complexity of the process, and the difficulties as well as the emotional struggle they are faced with when deciding who to entrust with the handling of their affairs at either incapacity or upon their passing.

In addition, Mr. Mroczka, utilizes his extensive experience and is able to offer thorough, custom developed documents at an affordable price.  Through his individual family interview process, he can assist his clients in simplifying and organizing their wants and desires into legal documents which have stood the test of time. Mr. Mroczka's many years of experience have afforded him the ability to draw from a network of local experts whose resources are often called upon when the client's need arises:  financial planning professionals, insurance and tax consultants and lawyers with expertise in other fields.

Mr. Mroczka’s estate planning techniques not only address traditional estate concerns, but also take into consideration recent changes in the laws that impact such issues as stretch IRA’s, the new privacy laws (HIPAA), the recent reforms in Medicaid planning, and the uncertainties surrounding the current estate tax laws.  Furthermore, a degree of flexibility is incorporated into every estate plan so as to minimize, or possibly eliminate future document revisions that could result from changes in the family structure (i.e. death, marriage or divorce).

The clients of Mr. Mroczka can anticipate their affairs being handled in an efficient, professional and compassionate manner.